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Ben Brown

Ben Brown

Ben Brown is Globetrender’s senior trend reporter. When he’s not dashing between London and his home in York, he’s exploring the best climbing spots (and the best food) around the world

He has written about

Why new airline Joon is for Millennials

Four mobile bank cards of the future

How Crystal Cruises is redefining ultra-luxury holidays

Three trends defining luxury travel of tomorrow

Why rock climbing is the new fitness travel trend

Chile’s scenic highway the “Route of Parks”

The PopUp flying car from Airbus

How virtual reality is inspiring people to book holidays

SpaceX to send tourists to the Moon in 2018

Low-cost long-haul: Norwegian sells £50 transatlantic flights

Revolutionary Side Slip seat proposed for economy class

Scientists discover possible cure for jet-lag

Why Airbnb is branching into flights and experiential trips

No snow: is climate change killing the ski industry?

Ryanair proposes no-fare flights within a decade

Floating Good Hotel comes to London

Six members-only travel apps changing trip planning

Seven reasons Heist Bank restaurant is trending in London

Can a travel bot book my holiday?

Why Pokemon Go is inspiring real-world exploration

Seven nude experiences everyone should try once

Autonomous flying taxis are set to revolutionise urban travel

New social platform Zipskee connects travellers with locals

World’s first voice-activated hotel room opens for business

The People Walker: the new (old) way to see Los Angeles

The 20 most-visited cities in 2016

Tourist spending in Dubai tops world ranking

Meet Antlos, the Airbnb for yacht holidays

Poke: why Hawaiian street food is trending in London

New PAYG coworking space opens in London

15 defining travel trends of 2016

Baby Boom: Virgin Galactic to launch supersonic jet

Jack Southan


Jack Southan is a (loosely) UK-based freelance travel writer and regular contributor to Globetrender. He spends considerable amounts of time overseas – living in the jungles of Thailand or motorbiking the length of India, for example,  jotting down stories as he goes. He has written for publications including National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet, Himalaya Magazine, Country by Country and ABTA Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @jacksouthan

Here are some of the articles Jack has written for Globetrender…

From ElBulli to Disfrutar: the new wave in avant garde cooking

Midnight cowboy: how to experience New Year’s Eve twice in one night

Lifestyle curation: the rise of the designer city guide

5 top emerging tourist destinations: why your next trip could be to Iran

Such great heights: the rise of urban exploration

Not just for brunch: how eggs are transforming the London food scene

Travel bookings rise to locations in new James Bond film

Box office hit: how Immfly is bringing cinema to the skies

Crowds vs computers: the future of global metro systems

Labour of love: working for free to see the world

Rose Dykins







Rose Dykins is a Brighton-based travel journalist, and has written for The Telegraph, Lonely Planet and The Sunday Times Travel Magazine. She loves spontaneous trips to Asia, responsible travel, and discovering a city’s personality. She was shortlisted for Young Travel Writer of the Year at the 2015 Travel Media Awards. Follow her on Twitter @rose_dykins

Rose has written…

Surprise travel: taking trips to mystery destinations

Eye in the sky: British Airways to launch world’s first vertical cable car

Digital nomads: the future of work is… travelling

Baby Boomers now spend more on travel than Millennials

Mama Shelter opens in Rio – with space for artists to collaborate

Hannah Hastings

Journalism graduate Hannah began writing for Globetrender in 2017. Her articles include…

Why Royal Caribbean is recruiting an Instagram intern

Boeing designs 21st-century spacesuit

Delta uses tray tables to create art gallery in the sky

Rachael Ellenger

Rachael Ellenger is a budget traveller with expensive taste in food. She is currently on a mission to explore Europe by couch and coach in pursuit of great local cuisines and interesting stories.

She recently wrote about Easyjet’s new Sneakairs “smart” shoes.

Ramy Salameh

Ramy Salameh

Ramy is an award-winning travel journalist. Recent trips have included skiing in South Korea and trekking across Jordan’s epic Wadi Rum. He also uses his many years of experience as a travel PR to keep abreast of the latest trends and has specialist knowledge of the Far East.

He has written about why robots will star in upcoming Asian sporting events

Tamara Sword

Tamara is a Cambridge-educated tech guru who co-founded camera app Infiltr. She has written about the future of digital nomads.

Sara Turner

Sara is a professional travel journalist and editor who has worked for Business Traveller and ABTN. She has written about how Banksy has helped reinvent Weston-Super-Mare.

William Simpson

Will is a London-based aviation enthusiast who has written about why Instagram is making plane-spotting glamorous.

Ian Southan

Ian is a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. He is Globetrender’s excellent proofreader – check out his website if you’d like to employ his skills as well.